Medical RANOShield™
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For medical use, RANOShield™ can be used in medical facilities exposed to radiation environment to provide the safe medical environment and to prevent accumulated exposure of patients, physicians, nurses, etc., to radiation. It will also minimize the exposure to radiation by any medical imaging devices using radiation.

  • RNS-MP
  • RNS-MP made of leadless materials is a product without using lead. When taking medical images with by using radiation, patients expose to the radiation, thus they have potential carcinogenic risks. This disposable pad-style product will safely protect areas which are exposed to relatively high amount of radiation, such as abdominal area, genital organs, thyroid glands, and so on, thus prevent any secondary infections.
  • Application : eye, thyroid glands, genital organs, abdominal area, etc.
  • RNS-MTX is a product used to prevent accumulated exposures of medical personnel to a radiation environment, and the product can be formed as medical supplies such as gloves and shoes, as well as operating gowns or apron style.
  • ● X-ray shielding performance : >90%