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Welcome to DongWon EN-Tec Co., Ltd.
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  • Thank you for visiting Dongwon Entec homepage.

  • Aiming to be the world’s best leading industrial company for customer value creation.
    DWE has contributed quality improvement with constant technical development and efforts in the production of Offshore industry, Nuclear industry, etc. We have pioneered our own business area by developing new materials and technologies as offshore cable & pipe protection products through the development of marine polyurethane and the world’s first radiation shielding material which is high-performance applied nano tungsten and boron and etc. based on chemical materials and achieving localization of products.
    DWE has strived to develop new material and product for local and achieved recognition with excellent quality in a various fields, including offshore, renewable energy, nuclear and medical industries. DWE will constantly strive for high value-added industries and think for the best products and best quality. And we will serve as a leader in research and development of key technology and production of products for maintaining a unequaled position in the field of protective products. Furthermore, our company will grow into a global market and repay encouragement and support of our customers.