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BEND STIFFENER Uses and Features
  • A Bend Stiffener is designed to add local stiffness to cables and umbilicals at the point of connection to a rigid structure, thereby limiting bending stresses and excessive curvature.
    DWE's Bend Stiffener systems can be used in static or dynamic applications and typically incorporate integral steelwork necessary for interfacing with clients connecting structures.
    A Static Bend stiffener is primarily utilized to protect cables from over bending during installation and over-deck deployment from lay vessels and typically manufactured as a cone shaped Polyurethane moulding, facilitating easy positioning over the cable or umbilical ends.If the Bend Stiffener is required for use in dynamic applications (dynamic bend stiffener), DWE's Polyurethane polymer system has significantly enhanced fatigue properties and integral design parameters to prevent failure as a result of cyclic loading.

Diverless Bend Stiffener Connectors
  • For applications where termination of the tubular and bend stiffener is an issue or a retrofit solution is needed, DWE has a range of diverless connectors available.