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J-Tube Seal Uses and Features
  • DWE's J-Tube Seals are used to seal the interface between the inside of a J-Tube and the riser. Water containing a corrosion inhibitor is normally introduced into the J-Tube void space, it is therefore important to have a robust and effective sealing solution to prevent loss of this water. J-Tube seal solutions for a wide variety of applications from oil & gas through to renewable energy.
    DWE's J-Tube seals are manufactured from a high specification marine grade polyurethane elastomer that provides a robust sealing interface between the bell mouth and polyurethane profile Proteus J-Tube Seals are designed as a split shell arrangement facilitating easy installation following termination of the cable or umbilical.
Diverless design
  • The seal is secured to the host line by integral clamps. It can then be pulled into the J-Tube or I-Tube with the host line. Typically the seal will be installed in the J-Tube just behind the entry bellmouth.

Interference fit
  • Polyurethane seal elements are used to provide an interference fit to the host line and the J-Tube bore. The interference fit provides the seal - no subsea activation is necessary.

Key Applications
  • J-Tube
  • Centralized actionment
  • Ancillary attachment