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BEND RESTRICTOR Uses and Features
  • Bend restrictors can be used onshore, offshore or subsea Typical applications are support of a flexible pipe over free spans where there is the possiblity of damaging the pipe structure because of over bending, wellhead connection, PLET connections, J-tube exits, rigid pipe crossovers and over a subsea buoy. and are usually used at the interface between flexible and rigid structures. there is often a requirement to maintain a positive clearance between cables and existing pipelines at crossing point.
    Methods such as pre-lay rock dumping, concrete mattressing and steel structures are expensive, time consuming and difficult to place accurately. Our Bend Restrictors are designed as interlocking vertebrae each comprising two polyurethane half sections. This half section design allows for more rapid assembly of the bend restrictor either in the field or at the factory.
Features & Benefits
  • DWE Bend Restrictor has near neutural density in seawater, reducing self weight loading on the cable.
  • DWE Bend Restrictor has good resistance to the effects of ageing and the marine environment.
  • UV stable with good aging characteristics Good abrasion resistance.
  • Custom design, according to client specification.
  • Important information required is...
  • Minimum bend radius.
  • Loads (bending moments, shear loads.].
  • Operating temperature.
  • Pipe outside diameter.
  • Length of coverage.