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URAPROTECT Uses and Features
  • Pipe & Cable Protection
    Uraprotect protects pipes and cables from abrasions and impacts in subsea environment (ex: Bedrock, Anchor)
    Where burial is not possible, the protection of subsea pipes, flexible flowlines cables against abrasions and impacts has always been a concern for installatio contractors and operators. Methods such as rock dumping and the laying of concrete mattresses offer limited protection and have high project 'turnout' costs, since secondary vessels are usually required
  • Uraprotect solution
    The most cost effective method is therefore the use of a protective 'sleeving' system that is installed as the pipe/cable is laid or being off-loaded. In response to this need, DWE Marine Products has developed a lowcost, highly effective system called "URAPROTECT“.

Production standard
Classification Unit spec Remarks
Cable or Pipe’s External diameter mm client
Length per piece mm 1500 or 2000
Thickness mm 25~30
Total Length m Client
Material Polyurethane DWPU0424
Gravity g/cm3 Over 1.08
Required band amount EA/set 6 1.5m
8 2.0m